Update IAM settings for your Workspace

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at www.eksworkshop.com.

Cloud9 normally manages IAM credentials dynamically. This isn’t currently compatible with the EKS IAM authentication, so we will disable it and rely on the IAM role instead.

To ensure temporary credentials aren’t already in place we will remove any existing credentials file as well as disabling AWS managed temporary credentials:

aws cloud9 update-environment  --environment-id $C9_PID --managed-credentials-action DISABLE
rm -vf ${HOME}/.aws/credentials

We should configure our aws cli with our current region as default.

If you are at an AWS event, ask your instructor which AWS region to use.

export ACCOUNT_ID=$(aws sts get-caller-identity --output text --query Account)
export AWS_REGION=$(curl -s | jq -r '.region')
export AZS=($(aws ec2 describe-availability-zones --query 'AvailabilityZones[].ZoneName' --output text --region $AWS_REGION))

Check if AWS_REGION is set to desired region

test -n "$AWS_REGION" && echo AWS_REGION is "$AWS_REGION" || echo AWS_REGION is not set

Let’s save these into bash_profile

echo "export ACCOUNT_ID=${ACCOUNT_ID}" | tee -a ~/.bash_profile
echo "export AWS_REGION=${AWS_REGION}" | tee -a ~/.bash_profile
echo "export AZS=(${AZS[@]})" | tee -a ~/.bash_profile
aws configure set default.region ${AWS_REGION}
aws configure get default.region

Validate the IAM role

Use the GetCallerIdentity CLI command to validate that the Cloud9 IDE is using the correct IAM role.

aws sts get-caller-identity --query Arn | grep eksworkshop-admin -q && echo "IAM role valid" || echo "IAM role NOT valid"

If the IAM role is not valid, DO NOT PROCEED. Go back and confirm the steps on this page.