GitHub Setup

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

We are going to create 2 GitHub repositories. One will be used for a sample application that will trigger a Docker image build. Another will be used to hold Kubernetes manifests that Weave Flux deploys into the cluster. Note this is a pull based method compared to other continuous deployment tools that push to Kubernetes.

Create the sample application repository by clicking here.

Fill in the form with repository name, description, and check initializing the repository with a README as shown below and click Create repository.

Create Sample App Repository

Repeat this process to create the Kubernetes manifests repositories by clicking here. Fill in the form as shown below and click Create repository.

Create Kubernetes Manifest Repository

The next step is to create a personal access token that will allow CodePipeline to receive callbacks from GitHub.
Once created, an access token can be stored in a secure enclave and reused, so this step is only required during the first run or when you need to generate new keys.

Open up the New personal access page in GitHub.

You may be prompted to enter your GitHub password

Enter a value for Token description, check the repo permission scope and scroll down and click the Generate token button

Generate New

Copy the personal access token and save it in a secure place for the next step

Generate New

We will need to revisit GitHub one more time once we provision Weave Flux to enable Weave to control repositories. However, at this time you can move on.