Getting Started

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

After you’ve completed the prerequisites and Helm is installed and working; We can deploy our Wordpress site. This Helm chart will deploy MariaDB and Wordpress as well as configure a service ingress point for us to access the site through an elastic load balancer.

For our testing we’ll be deploying Wordpress. We could just use a PHP file on the nodes and run NGINX to test as well, but with this Wordpress install you get experience deploying a Helm chart. And can use the load testing tool to hit various URLs on the Wordpress structure to generate additional network traffic load with multiple concurrent connections.

We’ll be using the following tools in this lab:

  • Helm: to install Wordpress on our cluster.
  • CloudWatch Container Insights: to collect logs and metrics from our cluster.
  • Siege: to load test our Wordpress and EKS Cluster.
  • CloudWatch Container Insights Dashboard: to visualize our container performance and load.
  • CloudWatch Metrics: to set an alarm for when our WordPress Pod is under heavy load.

Lets get started!