Download and Install Istio CLI

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

Before we can get started configuring Istio we’ll need to first install the command line tools that you will interact with. To do this run the following.

We will use istio version 1.14.1

echo 'export ISTIO_VERSION="1.14.1"' >> ${HOME}/.bash_profile
source ${HOME}/.bash_profile
cd ~/environment

The installation directory contains:

  • Installation YAML files for Kubernetes in install/kubernetes
  • Sample applications in samples/
  • The istioctl client binary in the bin/ directory (istioctl is used when manually injecting Envoy as a sidecar proxy).
cd ${HOME}/environment/istio-${ISTIO_VERSION}

sudo cp -v bin/istioctl /usr/local/bin/

We can verify that we have the proper version in our $PATH

istioctl version --remote=false