Deploy the eksdemo Chart

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

Use the dry-run flag to test our templates

To test the syntax and validity of the Chart without actually deploying it, we’ll use the --dry-run flag.

The following command will build and output the rendered templates without installing the Chart:

helm install --debug --dry-run workshop ~/environment/eksdemo

Confirm that the values created by the template look correct.

Deploy the chart

Now that we have tested our template, let’s install it.

helm install workshop ~/environment/eksdemo

Similar to what we saw previously in the nginx Helm Chart example, an output of the command will contain the information about the deployment status, revision, namespace, etc, similar to:

NAME: workshop
LAST DEPLOYED: Sat Jul 17 08:47:32 2021
NAMESPACE: default
STATUS: deployed

In order to review the underlying services, pods and deployments, run:

kubectl get svc,po,deploy