Scale a Cluster with CA

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

Deploy a Sample App

We will deploy an sample nginx application as a ReplicaSet of 1 Pod

cat <<EoF> ~/environment/cluster-autoscaler/nginx.yaml
apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: nginx-to-scaleout
  replicas: 1
      app: nginx
        service: nginx
        app: nginx
      - image: nginx
        name: nginx-to-scaleout
            cpu: 500m
            memory: 512Mi
            cpu: 500m
            memory: 512Mi

kubectl apply -f ~/environment/cluster-autoscaler/nginx.yaml

kubectl get deployment/nginx-to-scaleout

Scale our ReplicaSet

Let’s scale out the replicaset to 10

kubectl scale --replicas=10 deployment/nginx-to-scaleout

Some pods will be in the Pending state, which triggers the cluster-autoscaler to scale out the EC2 fleet.

kubectl get pods -l app=nginx -o wide --watch

NAME                                 READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE

nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-2d4gp   0/1       Pending   0          11s
nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-2nh69   0/1       Pending   0          12s
nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-45mqz   0/1       Pending   0          12s
nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-4qvzl   0/1       Pending   0          12s
nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-5jddd   1/1       Running   0          34s
nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-5sx4h   0/1       Pending   0          12s
nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-5xbjp   0/1       Pending   0          11s
nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-6l84p   0/1       Pending   0          11s
nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-7vp7l   0/1       Pending   0          12s
nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-86pr6   0/1       Pending   0          12s
nginx-to-scaleout-7cb554c7d5-88ttw   0/1       Pending   0          12s

View the cluster-autoscaler logs

kubectl -n kube-system logs -f deployment/cluster-autoscaler

You will notice Cluster Autoscaler events similar to below CA Scale Up events

Check the EC2 AWS Management Console to confirm that the Auto Scaling groups are scaling up to meet demand. This may take a few minutes. You can also follow along with the pod deployment from the command line. You should see the pods transition from pending to running as nodes are scaled up.

Scale Up

or by using the kubectl

kubectl get nodes

Output   Ready    <none>   3d6h   v1.17.7-eks-bffbac   Ready    <none>   63s    v1.17.7-eks-bffbac   Ready    <none>   3d6h   v1.17.7-eks-bffbac   Ready    <none>   8h     v1.17.7-eks-bffbac