Accessing Wordpress

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Testing public URL

It may take a few minutes for the LoadBalancer to be available.

You’ll need the URL for your WordPress site. This is easily accomplished by running the command below from your terminal window.

export SERVICE_URL=$(kubectl get svc -n wordpress-cwi understood-zebu-wordpress --template "{{ range (index .status.loadBalancer.ingress 0) }}{{.}}{{ end }}")

echo "Public URL: http://$SERVICE_URL/"

You should see the Hello World WordPress welcome page. WP Hello World

Testing the admin interface

export ADMIN_URL="http://$SERVICE_URL/admin"
export ADMIN_PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret --namespace wordpress-cwi understood-zebu-wordpress -o jsonpath="{.data.wordpress-password}" | base64 --decode)

echo "Admin URL: http://$SERVICE_URL/admin
Username: user

In your favorite browser paste in your Wordpress Admin URL from the Installing Wordpress section. You should be greeted with the following screen. WP Login Page

Enter your username and password to make sure they work.

If you are taken to the below screen, you have a successfully running Wordpress install backed by MaiaDB in your EKS Cluster.

Wordpress Dashboard

Now that we have verified that the site is working we can continue with getting CloudWatch Container Insights installed on our cluster!