This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

Once you have completed this chapter, you can cleanup the files and resources you created by issuing the following commands:


kubectl delete namespace development integration
kubectl delete pod nginx-admin

eksctl delete iamidentitymapping --cluster eksworkshop-eksctl --arn arn:aws:iam::${ACCOUNT_ID}:role/k8sAdmin
eksctl delete iamidentitymapping --cluster eksworkshop-eksctl --arn arn:aws:iam::${ACCOUNT_ID}:role/k8sDev
eksctl delete iamidentitymapping --cluster eksworkshop-eksctl --arn arn:aws:iam::${ACCOUNT_ID}:role/k8sInteg

aws iam remove-user-from-group --group-name k8sAdmin --user-name PaulAdmin
aws iam remove-user-from-group --group-name k8sDev --user-name JeanDev
aws iam remove-user-from-group --group-name k8sInteg --user-name PierreInteg

aws iam delete-group-policy --group-name k8sAdmin --policy-name k8sAdmin-policy 
aws iam delete-group-policy --group-name k8sDev --policy-name k8sDev-policy 
aws iam delete-group-policy --group-name k8sInteg --policy-name k8sInteg-policy 

aws iam delete-group --group-name k8sAdmin
aws iam delete-group --group-name k8sDev
aws iam delete-group --group-name k8sInteg

aws iam delete-access-key --user-name PaulAdmin --access-key-id=$(jq -r .AccessKey.AccessKeyId /tmp/PaulAdmin.json)
aws iam delete-access-key --user-name JeanDev --access-key-id=$(jq -r .AccessKey.AccessKeyId /tmp/JeanDev.json)
aws iam delete-access-key --user-name PierreInteg --access-key-id=$(jq -r .AccessKey.AccessKeyId /tmp/PierreInteg.json)

aws iam delete-user --user-name PaulAdmin
aws iam delete-user --user-name JeanDev
aws iam delete-user --user-name PierreInteg

aws iam delete-role --role-name k8sAdmin
aws iam delete-role --role-name k8sDev
aws iam delete-role --role-name k8sInteg

rm /tmp/*.json
rm /tmp/kubeconfig*

# reset aws credentials and config files
rm  ~/.aws/{config,credentials}
aws configure set default.region ${AWS_REGION}