Install Calico on the Windows node

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

In this module, we will install Calico on the windows node.

List Amazon EKS cluster nodes and find the windows node.

kubectl get nodes -l -L

NAME                                          STATUS   ROLES    AGE   VERSION               OS   Ready    <none>   25m   v1.17.12-eks-7684af   windows

SSH into nodes using SSM via the AWS Console by finding the windows node in the list of running EC2 instances, select the instance named “eksworkshop-eksctl-windows-ng-Node” and click Connect

Windows EC2 node

Then select ‘Session Manager’ and connect

EC2 Connect Session Manager

This will open a new browser tab with a powershell prompt on the Node. Now we will use that Powershell window to install kubectl on the node

mkdir c:\k
Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile c:\k\kubectl.exe
$ENV:PATH += ";C:\k"

Now we will download and install Calico

Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile c:\install-calico-windows.ps1
C:/install-calico-windows.ps1 -ServiceCidr -DNSServerIPs

Verify the install

Get-Service -Name Calico*, kube*

We should get the following output:

Status   Name            DisplayName
------   ----            ------------
Running  CalicoNode      Calico Windows Startup
Running  CalicoFelix     Calico Windows Agent
Running  kubelet         kubelet service
Running  kube-proxy      kube-proxy service

Now we have Calico fully installed. Close the EC2 Connect window and return to Cloud9.