Specifying an IAM Role for Service Account

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at www.eksworkshop.com.

In the previous step, we created the IAM role that is associated with a service account named iam-test in the cluster.

First, let’s verify your service account iam-test exists

kubectl get sa iam-test

iam-test   1         5m

Make sure your service account with the ARN of the IAM role is annotated

kubectl describe sa iam-test

Name:                iam-test
Namespace:           default
Labels:              app.kubernetes.io/managed-by=eksctl
Annotations:         eks.amazonaws.com/role-arn: arn:aws:iam::40XXXXXXXX75:role/eksctl-sandbox-addon-iamserviceaccount-defau-Role1-1B37L4A1UEXYS
Image pull secrets:  <none>
Mountable secrets:   iam-test-token-zbk55
Tokens:              iam-test-token-zbk55
Events:              <none>