This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

Next Steps

Congratulations on completing the Pixie tutorial.

  • To export data from the Pixie platform, check out the API.
  • To see a list of the pre-built PxL scripts, go here.
  • To learn how to write a custom PxL script, see the PxL tutorial.
  • To check out the open source code, see the Github Repo

Ask questions and get help from the Pixie’s Community Slack.


Delete the microservices demo application:

kubectl delete namespace px-sock-shop

Delete Pixie from the cluster:

px delete --clobber

Remove the Pixie CLI:

rm -rf ${HOME}/ec2-user/bin/px

Delete the node group:

envsubst < clusterconfig.yaml | eksctl delete nodegroup -f -  --approve