Deploy the Official Kubernetes Dashboard

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

The official Kubernetes dashboard is not deployed by default, but there are instructions in the official documentation

We can deploy the dashboard with the following command:

export DASHBOARD_VERSION="v2.6.0"

kubectl apply -f${DASHBOARD_VERSION}/aio/deploy/recommended.yaml

Since this is deployed to our private cluster, we need to access it via a proxy. kube-proxy is available to proxy our requests to the dashboard service. In your workspace, run the following command:

kubectl proxy --port=8080 --address= --disable-filter=true &

This will start the proxy, listen on port 8080, listen on all interfaces, and will disable the filtering of non-localhost requests.

This command will continue to run in the background of the current terminal’s session.

We are disabling request filtering, a security feature that guards against XSRF attacks. This isn’t recommended for a production environment, but is useful for our dev environment.