Argo Dashboard

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

Argo Dashboard

Since V2.5, Argo UI has been replace by Argo Server. The new UI is not read-only — it also comes with the ability to create and update data directly in your browser. Click here for more information

Argo Dashboard

Access the Argo Server

To access the dashboard we will expose the argo-server service by adding a LoadBalancer.

kubectl -n argo patch svc argo-server  \
   -p '{"spec": {"type": "LoadBalancer"}}'

It will take several minutes for the ELB to become healthy and start passing traffic to the pods.

To access the Argo Dashboard, click on the URL generated by the these commands:

ARGO_URL=$(kubectl -n argo get svc argo-server --template "{{ range (index .status.loadBalancer.ingress 0) }}{{ . }}{{ end }}")

echo ARGO DASHBOARD: http://${ARGO_URL}:2746

You will see the teardrop workflow from Advanced Batch Workflow. Click on it to see a visualization of the workflow.

Argo Workflow

The workflow should relatively look like a teardrop, and provide a live status for each job. Click on Hotel to see a summary of the Hotel job.

Argo Hotel Job

This details basic information about the job, and includes a link to the Logs. The Hotel job logs list the job dependency chain and the current whalesay, and should look similar to:

Argo Dashboard

Explore the other jobs in the workflow to see each job’s status and logs.