Find the Service Address

This workshop has been deprecated and archived. The new Amazon EKS Workshop is now available at

Now that we have a running service that is type: LoadBalancer we need to find the ELB’s address. We can do this by using the get services operation of kubectl:

kubectl get service ecsdemo-frontend

Notice the field isn’t wide enough to show the FQDN of the ELB. We can adjust the output format with this command:

kubectl get service ecsdemo-frontend -o wide

If we wanted to use the data programatically, we can also output via json. This is an example of how we might be able to make use of json output:

ELB=$(kubectl get service ecsdemo-frontend -o json | jq -r '.status.loadBalancer.ingress[].hostname')

curl -m3 -v $ELB

It will take several minutes for the ELB to become healthy and start passing traffic to the frontend pods.

You should also be able to copy/paste the loadBalancer hostname into your browser and see the application running. Keep this tab open while we scale the services up on the next page.